About Us

TBASA is the governing body of Tenpin Bowling in South Africa.

As such, the body is primarily responsible for the establishment and enforcement of rules and regulations for all Tenpin Bowling activities within South Africa and for ensuring that these are not contradictory to International standards.

As with any professional sporting body, TBASA is responsible for setting out criteria for national tournaments, as well as for the selection of South African teams participating in International events.

TBASA aims to encourage the development of the sport, with special focus on establishing a youth participation and retention programme, as well as developing a media strategy.


Kiley Cassel – President

Alain Regnard – Vice President, Eastern Gauteng President

Robby Govender – Central Gauteng Tenpin Bowling Association

Werner Groenewald – Gauteng North President

Collin Farrow – Kwazulu Natal President

Ravin Soorajlal – Midlands President

Avril Carollison – Western Province President

Shaun Heidermann – Eastern Province President

Lewis Goodwin – Treasurer

Max Cassel – Secretary General