TBASA was contacted by Mr Mark Shepherd, Chairman ParaBowling and Mr Marc Mundell World Bowling. I was honoured and privileged to meet, via ZOOM, with these two gentlemen.

The Agenda for this meeting was to discuss Parabowling and the development of Parabowling in South Africa. Parabowling has been recognised by the IPC and our Zone has been encouraged to be included in this format of Tenpin Bowling. Parabowling is growing in leaps and bounds internationally and I was really happy to be asked to meet and discuss the options and plans for growth in Africa.

We met on Friday 21st August 2020 and the discussions were informative and motivating. The narrative outlines the goals and direction in which we are moving with Parabowling.

Parabowling will be hosting an Inaugural World Parabowling Championship in Kuwait towards the end of 2021. This will be by invitation and TBASA is hoping to be invited to send a Team to participate in this Championship. We have a huge task ahead of us; however, this is an exciting development initiative for us.

TBASA is excited to announce the formation of PARABOWLING SA, this division will fall under our Federation. A committee will be formed from our Provincial bodies and volunteers. With the help from IBF and various other stakeholders we are confident that we can succeed in this area of our Sport.

We are requesting from our Provincial bodies, that you identify a volunteer from your members who will be happy to assist TBASA with this development.  We will need to identify and be in contact with your local Wheelchair Sporting organisations to introduce our Sport to their members. 

Through SASAPD, we have been invited to attend their National Championships in March 2021, they will give us access to their national convenors and member base. This will be a great opportunity to introduce Tenpin Bowling to their athletes.

We have contacted Wheelchair Rugby, Mr Clyde Holland and he kindly put me in contact with Adaptive Sports Fund, Mr Thomas Jansen van Rensburg and Mr Jeffrey Yates.

Adaptive Sports Fund is an NPO who markets various sporting codes and facilitates participation by the Disabled communities. Targeting mainly existing athletes, which is great for us, as these athletes are successful in sport and have a competitive edge.

ASF will also host an open day, and TBASA can arrange an exhibition match and encourage participation in our Sport.

Wheelchair Basketball SA, are really happy for this development in our Sport and have offered assistance where necessary in introducing ParaBowling, to their basketball athletes.  Mr Charles Saunders is their CEO and Mr Andrew Schoeman Executive Board member of WBSA (who is an Ex Bowler from Cape Town), have both been really helpful and are keen to assist us.

TBASA is exceptionally humbled by the enthusiasm shown towards this development plan. Each and every contact has been so forthcoming and helpful. We can only grow from strength to strength with ParaBowling SA.

With our Provinces on board we can achieve a new level of Commitment to Developing Tenpin Bowling as a Sport.




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